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Undergraduate Work Experience

  • Solutions to short and long-term staffing needs.
  • Save on resources.
  • High quality, low cost staff.

Don’t spend time looking for candidates, we will recruit for you. Placement Finders source quality undergraduates for your work experience positions.

About Placement Finders

We are a work experience mediation company specifically aimed at businesses based in Spain and the UK. Placement Finders sources high calibre European undergraduates and graduates with skills relevant to the strategic needs of each organisation.

We place Spanish students in internship placements in the UK, through our London based partner, and we place English students in work experience positions here in Spain.

We offer a unique, flexible and, we believe, quite unbeatable solution to staffing needs. The students are able to take on a great variety of roles and, most importantly, the cost to businesses is exceptionally low.

For companies based in Spain: for as little as €350 p/m remuneration businesses can benefit from graduate quality staff.Typically students spend from 3-9 months working with a company experiencing the work place first hand. All candidates are studying for a degree or a Masters and are at University or business school, most are reading Spanish. Work experience is essential to complete their degree.

For companies based in the UK: in general students will spend 1-3 months working with a company, usually during holiday time, this being the case there are no costs involved. Candidates will have beginners to advance level of English.

Companies taking on students for work experience are exempt from social security costs and are not required to pay a salary, just some remuneration to help with general expenses, as the students are classed as being in training, rather than employment.

All candidates are vetted to ensure suitability and their languages skills are tested. We match individual candidates to the culture of the organisation, as well as the specifics of each brief. We also provide the work experience agreement making sure it is signed by all three parties and follow the student throughout their placement

The organisation

The Placement Finders team is a compact and focused group, with international experience in the work placement industry. We are an independent, limited company based in southern Andalucía, but our large network of contacts enables us to cover a much wider area, including major cities, small towns and rural areas throughout Spain.

What is a work placement?

A work placement is seen as a major vehicle enabling students to make the connection between their academic studies and the world of work, putting theory into practice, and equipping them with skills needed in a professional environment.

Why Placement Finders?

Placement finders offers a cost effective way to avoid the hiring freeze, ride the storm and grow your business in these difficult times.

Placement Finders select high calibre students with skills relevant to the strategic needs of your organisation. You identify the role - we recruit specifically to your requirements.

Placement Finders screens and interviews candidates, putting forward only those matching your criteria and with the right profile for your business.

Why take on a student?

  • Acquire an intelligent, cost effective labour resource with valuable skills and knowledge.
  • Tap into a pool of bright, innovative, well-educated candidates.
  • Gain access to different languages and possibly help with export development.
  • Overcome temporary staff shortages.
  • Fill permanent positions all year round with our "Continuity Programme".
  • Undertake projects or work that permanent employees may not have time for.

Students are considered full members of your staff and are expected to work as directed by your management team, bound by the same terms and conditions.

Flexible employment resource

It is even possible to cover a permanent position all year round with our bumper to bumperContinuity Programme”.

As an undergraduate nears the end of a placement, a successor is identified and appointed. The successor will work alongside the student, providing an overlap, allowing the second student to be trained by the first and so on.

Placement Finders bumper to bumper programme ensures minimal disruption and maximum continuity. Please contact us for further information.

Next step

If you are interested in our services and would like to register your company, please go to our contact us page. Once we receive your details we will send you our information pack together with our Terms & Conditions.