Work Experience Vacancies in Spain & the UK

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About Placement Finders

We find the students for the vacancies and the vacancies for the students.

A recent addition to Placement Finders activities is reversing the procedure – sending people from Spain to England. Through our UK based partner we are able to offer work experience in London and other areas for learners of English.

We also arrange homestays in either country, au pair work in the UK or Spain for learners of each language, and we book English courses in the UK.

We offer a variety of courses ranging from General English, Business English, to Intensive English in accredited language academies throughot the UK. We book the courses for our clients are offer competitive prices, we arrange everything from accommodation to airport pick-ups.

Accommodation can even be arranged for candidates looking solely for somewhere to stay.

Our aim is to build a “bridge” between Spain and England, offering our clients services to suit their needs. This is a new side of the business that has developed through listening to the needs of those around us.

The Organisation

The Placement Finders team is a compact and focused group, with international experience in the work placement industry. We are an independent, limited company based in southern Andalucía, but our large network of contacts enables us to cover a much wider area, including major cities, small towns and rural areas throughout Spain.

We Aim To:

Increase student mobility.

Enhance employment opportunities.

Provide cost effective solutions to staffing needs.

Increase understanding of commercial culture in the host country.

Add practical experience to academic knowledge.

Facilitate a rewarding commercial, cultural and social experience.

Promote internationalisation.

What is a work placement?

A work placement is seen as a major vehicle enabling students to make the connection between academic studies and the world of work, putting theory into practice and equipping them with skills needed to work in a professional environment. Students spend from three to nine months abroad, experiencing the work place first hand.

A work placement is a career investment; helping develop employability. A graduate with work experience has a substantially increased chance of finding employment within an increasingly competitive market.